28mm Ancients

28mm Ancients / The Greek/Macedonian Wars / Ancient Italians

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  • PII-001: Oscan Javelinmen
  • PII-002: Oscan Hoplites incl. Comm.
  • PII-003: Oscan Cavalry incl. Comm.
  • PII-004: Apilian Javelinmen
  • PII-005: Apulian Spearmen Comm.
  • PII-006: Apulian Cavalry Comm.
  • PII-007: Hill Warrior Javelinmen
  • PII-008: Hill Warrior Cavalry Comm.
  • PII-009: Ligurian Javelinmen
  • PII-010: Ligurian Sword/Axe Comm.
  • PII-011: Ligurian Archers
  • PII-012: Ligurian Cav. Incl. Comm.
  • PII-013: Early Etruscan Hoplites
  • PII-014: Early Etruscan Cavalry
  • PII-015: Late Etruscan Hoplites
  • PII-016: Late Etruscan Cavalry
  • PII-017: Etruscan Light Infantry