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Old Glory 25mm

InfoInformationA large range of over 700 packs of Historical miniatures covering conflicts from Ancient Egypt to WW1 Figures are approximamtely 25mm Foot to Eye and all miniatures are metal.

Blue Moon Manufacturing 15mm

InfoInformationA large range of over 500 packs of miniatures - 15mm foot to eye- so some call these 18mm . this range covers historical warfare from Ancient Rome to WW1 also has"semi- Historical " ranges such as Old West, Pirates, and Deep Dark Africa and Pulp ranges such as Gothic Horror and Gangsters.

Command Decision 15mm WW2 and Modern

InfoInformationA large range of Miniatures and vehicles in a constant 1/100th scale (15mm) covering WW2 and post War conflicts . WW2 Armies include Britain.. Germany USA, Russia, Japan, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland Poland, Hungary and Romania. This range now includes the Truwe North range for the smaller combatants such as Poland and Romania. The True North range also includes many unusual vehicles for these smaller countries.

Drabant 40mm and 28mm Listings

InfoInformationImpoted from Russia these exquisite miniatures are for the truly discerning. the 40mm range covers the Great Northern War, Marlboroughs Wars and 17th Century Wars in Eastern Europe. The 28mm range covers the Dark Agesand early Feudal period in Europe.

Fireforce Miniatures

InfoInformationFireforce Miniatures is the new umbrella title for those ranges mostly made in the UK. These include the Lil'Flyin'Fokkers range of 1/100thscale model aircraft- deliberatley compatible with Command Decision covering WW1 ,WW2 and increasingly post war and modern conflicts and currently consistin of almost 80 kits. Also here you will find the fireforce15 miniatures for the Falklands War the Rhodesian Bush war and other Irregular wars about the globe included in this listing are the Romanoff 40mm range of Ancient Greek and 17th Century miniatures and finally the Brooks Miniatures range of modern British Troops and Taliban together with 15mm and 28mm scenics and buildings.

Grandscale 10mm

InfoInformationA comprehensive range of 10mm sized figures for historical conflicts. From Ancient Egypt to the Zulu War - over 600 packs covering Ancients, Dark Ages, ECW,Marlborough, 7YW,AWI, Napoleonic, ACW and the Zulu War.

Old Glory Shipyard

InfoInformationA 1/600th range of Pre-Dreadnaught ships - late 19th early 20th centuries.

Sash and Saber Castings

InfoInformation25mm ACW ,Napoleonic & 7YW,The ACW range is both excellent and comprehensive. Sash & Saber also have an extensive range of 40mm figures covering periods from the Dark Ages to the Zulu War, taking in Napoeonic, AWI, FIW and ACW amongst others.

Old Glory Second Edition

InfoInformationAmerican Civil War Napoleonic and AWI infantry - designed by Chris Hughes of Sash and Saber.

Blue Moon 28mm

InfoInformationGothic Horror, Gangster, Swashbuckler and Wild West Role- playing miniatures.