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  • WAA-001: American Infantry, Felt Shako March Attack
  • WAA-002: American Infantry, Felt Shako Advancing
  • WAA-003: American Infantry, Leather Shako March Attack
  • WAA-004: American Infantry, Leather Shako Advancing
  • WAA-005: American Infantry, Summer Field Dress March Attack
  • WAA-006: American Infantry, Summer Field Dress Advancing
  • WAA-007: American Command, Felt Shako
  • WAA-008: American Command, Leather Shako
  • WAA-009: US Regiment of Riflemen, Rifle Shirt,Skir. Comm.
  • WAA-010: US Regiment of Riflemen, Full Kit, Skir. Comm.
  • WAA-011: American Militia
  • WAA-012: Artillery Crew in Shako
  • WAA-013: Artillery Crew in Chapeau Bras
  • WAA-014: Light Dragoons with Command
  • WAA-015: Mounted Kentucky Volunteers with Command
  • WAA-016: 7th New York Dragoons with Command
  • WAA-017: 5th Maryland Volunteers
  • WAA-018: Mounted High Command incl. Jackson
  • WAA-019: New Orleans Freed Men of Color
  • WAA-020: Dismounted Kentucky Volunteers