28mm Ancients

28mm Ancients / The Biblical Wars / New Kingdom Egyptians

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  • PBE-001: Chariots with unarmoured crew
  • PBE-002: Chariots with half armoured crew
  • PBE-003: Chariots with fully armoured crews
  • PBE-004: Egyptian Spearmen
  • PBE-005: Egyptian Armoured Spearmen
  • PBE-006: Archers
  • PBE-007: Axemen
  • PBE-008: Sherden Guard
  • PBE-009: Philistines
  • PBE-010: Nubians
  • PBE-011: Light Cavalry
  • PBE-012: Slingers
  • PBE-013: Sea Peoples
  • PBE-014: Pharaoh and His Generals (3 chariots-3 Cmd-3 Drivers)