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  • 15NFT-200: Line Command Full Dress
  • 15NFT-201: Centre Company Full Dress March Attack
  • 15NFT-203: Flank Company Full Dress March Attack
  • 15NFT-205: Voltigeurs Full Dress skirmishing
  • 15NFT-207: Line Command in Campaign Dress
  • 15NFT-208: Centre Company Campaign Dress March Attack
  • 15NFT-210: Flank Company Campaign Dress March attack
  • 15NFT-214: Foot Artillery Crew
  • 15NFT-215: Horse Artillery Crews
  • 15OFT-100: Old Guard Grenadiers with Command
  • 15OFT-101: Old Guard Chasseurs with Command
  • 15OFT-102: Marines with Command
  • 15OFT-103: 3rd (Dutch) Grenadiers with Command
  • 15OFT-104: Fusilier-Grenadiers with Command
  • 15OFT-105: Fusilier-Chasseurs with Command
  • 15OFT-106: Grenadier a cheval with Command
  • 15OFT-107: Chasseurs a cheval with Command
  • 15OFT-108: Lancers of the Guard with Command
  • 15OFT-109: Dragoons with Command
  • 15OFT-110: Manelukes with Command