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28mm Jacobite Rising, 1745. Royal Eccossaises
28mm Sudan Campaign,1885 - 1898
28mm and 40mm Wars of the Roses
10mm Seven Years War
15mm Roman Ligionaries
28mm English Civil War
1/600th Russo Japanese War Naval
28mm and 40mm Napolenoic Wars
28mm Ottoman Turkish
15mm Napoleonic Miniatures
15mm, 1/100th Modern tanks, vehicles, infantry

Welcome to the OLD GLORY UK website. On these pages you will find an exstensive collection of Wargames figures and minitures in a variety of scales and sizes from 1/600th Naval to 40mm Collectors figurines.

Most of our models are Historical in nature ranging from Ancient Egypt to the Gulf War.

On this site you will find Chariots, Tanks Cavalry Cannon, Hoplites, Grenadiers, Knights and Pikemen - indeed all you need to build model armies in a variety of scales

We have extensive ranges for Ancient Warfare, Napoleonic Wars , Medieval Warfare, Colonial Wars ,and the Eithteeth Century - to name but a few - usually in 2 ,3 or even 4 different scales from 10mm up to 40mm.

Our non- historical ranges include Gothic Horror, Gangsters, Pulp Fiction and Swashbucklers in both 28mm and 15mm.

Explore the site. I'm sure you will find something to intrest and amuse!

Enjoy your Wargaming