Frequently Asked Questions

How many miniatures are in each pack?

It will depend upon the size of the pack and the scale but in each range the "Standard Packs" are Old Glory 25mm 30 foot figures or 10 cavalry including horses. Obviously Infantry pack have the foot figures Cavalry packs the cavalry Sash and Saber 25mm regular packs 10 foot figures or 4 mounted cavalry. Blue Moon 15mm - Standard packs are 30 foot or 15 cavalry. Grandscale 10mm 100 infantry or 30 cavalry. Sash and Saber 40mm. Starter packs are usually 20 foot or 7 cavalry. As a General rule Command Packs and other specialist packs tend to be smaller though as always there are exceptions. There are of course exceptions to this- see also the pack contents article in the "Articles" section.

I only recieved part of my order. Why is this?

Please remember that most of our minitaures are cast at our factory in the USA or in the case of Drabant come from Russia. Sometimes we run out of specific items and there is a wait until that item comes back into stock . If your order is missing something your enclosed packing slip will tell you and will be marked "To Follow as Temp out od Stock". The missing Items will follow as soon as I have them back in stock. Sometimes this can take a few weeks as we have to build up worthwhile orders fo4r our suppliers. As a general rules we order from the USA roughly one a month.

My order is taking a long time to arrive, why?

See the answer to the previous question. Usually it is simply because I ran out of a specific item. Once it is back in stock again I will send out your order.

I can't find any of the Old Glory or Blue Moon Fantasy or Sci-Fi ranges on the UK website. Can I get these ranges from Old Glory UK?

We don't carry these as stock but we can order them for you. Go to either the Blue Moon site or Anything on these sites that we do not carry as stock can be ordered. It may take time as the procedure is as follows. Let me know what you'd like. I will then give you a UK price including postage from me to you and -if appropriate- including the "6 for5" deal. Once we have agreed the order you can pay by paypal or card. I will then add the order to my next stock order to our US factory and will send it out to you as soon as it arrives.

What is the "6 for 5" deal?

Exactly what it says. Buy 6 packs of minitures and pay only for 5 - where prices differe the cheapest pack is the free one. This deal works at shows and on telephone orders but does NOT work on website orders as my Tekkie Dude tells me there are simply too many different possible combinations.