Fire Force Miniatures

Fireforce Miniatures is the new umbrella title for those ranges mostly made in the UK. These include the Lil'Flyin'Fokkers range of 1/100thscale model aircraft- deliberatley compatible with Command Decision covering WW1 ,WW2 and increasingly post war and modern conflicts and currently consistin of almost 80 kits.

Also here you will find the Fireforce15 miniatures for the Falklands War the Rhodesian Bush war and other Irregular wars about the globe Included in this listing are the Romanoff 40mm range of Ancient Greek and 17th Century miniatures and finally the Brooks Miniatures range of modern British Troops and Taliban together with 15mm and 28mm scenics and buildings.

Also under this label you can find the Glorious Victorian Toy Soldeir Company range of 40mm high victorian miniatures in the toy soldier style.