Old Glory Miniatures

A large range of over 700 packs of Historical miniatures covering conflicts from Ancient Egypt to WW1.

Figures are approximamtely 28mm Foot to Eye and all miniatures are metal. the range includes around 30 different Ancient Armies The Dark Ages ,The Hundred Years War, The Wars of the Roses. Eastern European Medivals- the Dracula and the Turkish Frontier Range- Italian Wars, Wars of Religion Eastern Renaissence- Turks, Poles, Cossacks, Muscovites, A large ECW range of over 60 different packs. The 18th century from Marlborouhg to the AWI, A huge Napoleonic range, an ACW range of over 80 packs plus a large Colonial range covering many of "Queen Victoria Little Wars".

Also here you will find Old Glory Shipyard our 1/600th range of Pre-dreadnaught Warships and "Old Glory Second Edition" a range of new figures sculpted by Sash and Saber sculptor Chris Hughes.