About Old Glory UK

Old Glory UK started trading in 1992 so that means we’ve been around for a good few years-selling quality models for wargamers and collectors at reasonable prices. During that time we have run up and down the gamut of history a couple of times and continue to import from Old Glory USA- our original parent company some of the finest wargames ranges available. We now also produce a growing range of items here in the UK including Fireforce Miniatures and Lil’flyin’ fokkers aircraft models- both of these ranges are still growing. Today we have approaching 5000 individual products on our website in scales from 1/600th Naval through 10mm. 15mm, 25/28mm and 40mm all for prices that won’t break the bank. Our miniatures are mostly metal with some resin vehicles , ships and aircraft and our ranges are truly comprehensive , covering most historical periods from Egypt of the Pharaohs to modern conflicts. Our products are compatible with most historically based gaming systems but are not really specifically tied to any specific games system- so the choice is yours.

Currently our ranges include - 10mm Over 600 packs. Biblical, Macedonian and Punic Wars The Roman Empireand her Enemies, Dark Ages, High Medieval, ECW Malburian AWI ,Napoleonic. ACW and Zulu War. 15mm Command Decision WW2 and True North WW2.All the major combatants plus many of the smaller countries are represented in a huge range of over 500 items. Tanks Infantry Trucks Guns etc etc. Also Li’l’Flyin’Fokkers aircraft models, 50 WW2 Aircraft kits to the same 1/100th scale as the ground forces.

15mm Post WW2 & Modern We have vehicles and figures suitable for many Modern Conflicts including Vietnam, Arab –Israeli, Gulf War as well as the many Insurgencies and Guerrilla Wars around the Globe since 1945.

15mm Blue Moon A still growing range of larger 15mm models Ranges include Ancient Rome , Marlburian. Great Northern War Seven Years War FIW, AWI ,ACW Old West and Plains Wars . A large and growing Napoleonc range and most recently 19th century British Colonial wars and WW1 “Semi-historical” ranges include Deep Dark African Pirates, Gangsters and the 3 Musketeers.

Old Glory 25/28mm- A large range covering Ancient Egypt to WW1- examples include Carthage , Macedonia. Rome and her enemies. The Age of Arthur, The Pike and Shot era, the English Civil Wars the 18th century , from Marlborough to the AWI Over 400 packs of Napoleonic alone- including Napoleon on a Camel!.

An American Civil war range of over 100 packs and a substantial Colonial range for many of the Colonial wars of the 19th and early 20th centuries. We also own the “Brooks Miniatures” range of 28mm Modern miniatures.

Also available from OGUK is the fine range by Sash and Saber covering the ACW in 28mm and also in 40mm together with other 40mm ranges for such diverse periods as FIW, Dark ages and ECW to name just a few.

We also carry the fine range of 28mm and 40mm Figures by Drabant of Moscow.

Additions to our ranges appear regularly.

Altogether something approaching 5000 different items on the OGUK website.

Roughly a quarter of a million figures in stock at any one time.

Please tour the site and see the vast range of products for wargamers that we have.

Andy Copestake - Old Glory UK