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  • 15WAT-101: American Infantry Laced Coatee Felt Shako Marching
  • 15WAT-102: American Infantry Laced Coatee Felt Shako Advancing
  • 15WAT-103: American Infantry Plain Coat (Leather Shako) March Attack
  • 15WAT-104: American Infantry Plain Coatee Leather Shako Advancing
  • 15WAT-105: American Infantry Fatigue Jacket - Leather Shako
  • 15WAT-106: American Infantry Command Laced Coat (Felt Shako)
  • 15WAT-107: American Command Plain Coat (Leather Shako)
  • 15WAT-108: American Infantry Command Fatigue Jacket - Leather Shako
  • 15WAT-109: US Riflemen in Rifle Shirt Skirmishing with Command
  • 15WAT-110: American Militia Civilian Dress with Command
  • 15WAT-111: Artillery Crews in Shako
  • 15WAT-112: US Light Dragoons with Command
  • 15WAT-113: Mounted Kentucky Volunteers with Command
  • 15WAT-114: Maryland Militia Infantry with Command
  • 15WAT-115: Frontier Militia Rifle Shirt with Command
  • 15WAT-116: US Marines
  • 15WAT-117: Mounted High Command
  • 15WAT-118: 6lb Guns