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  • 15SM-01: Seminole Leaders
  • 15SM-02A: Seminole Warriors - Pack A
  • 15SM-02B: Seminole Warriors - Pack B
  • 15SM-03: Black Seminole Maroons
  • 15SM-04: U.S. Infantry Leaders (2 foot/3 Mounted)
  • 15SM-05: U.S. Infantry Commands
  • 15SM-06: U.S. Infantry Advancing
  • 15SM-07: U.S. Infantry Skirmishing
  • 15SM-08: U.S. Frontier Militia
  • 15SM-09: U.S. Mounted Dragoons with Commands
  • 15SM-10: U.S. Dismounted Dragoons Skirmishing with Commands
  • 15SM-11: U.S. 6 Pounder Gun and Crew (1 gun/5 crew)