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  • 15ASA-01: Command
  • 15ASA-02: Carls with Axe
  • 15ASA-03: Carls with Sword
  • 15ASA-04: Carls with Spear
  • 15ASA-05: Greater Fyrd with Axe
  • 15ASA-06: Greater Fyrd with Sword
  • 15ASA-07: Greater Fyrd with Spear
  • 15ASA-08: Lesser Fyrd with Axe
  • 15ASA-09: Lesser Fyrd with Sword
  • 15ASA-10: Lesser Fyrd with Spear
  • 15ASA-11: Bowmen
  • 15ASA-12: Casualties
  • 15ASA-13: Personalities
  • 15ASA-14: Saxon Shield Wall
  • 15ASA-15: Saxon Cavalry