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  • 15NBT-100: British Line Command
  • 15NBT-101: British Centre Company March Attack
  • 15NBT-102: British Center Company Advancing
  • 15NBT-103: British Center Company Defending
  • 15NBT-104: British Flank Company March Attack
  • 15NBT-105: British Flank Company Advancing
  • 15NBT-106: British Flank Company Defending
  • 15NBT-107: British Light Infantry Command
  • 15NBT-108: British Light Infantry March Attack
  • 15NBT-109: British Light Infantry Advancing
  • 15NBT-110: British Light Infantry Skirmishing
  • 15NBT-111: British Riflemen in Shako with Command
  • 15NBT-112: British Riflemen in Cap with Command
  • 15NBT-113: Foot Artillery Crew
  • New Product15NBT-114: British Horse Artillery - 1809