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15mm Blue Moon Manufacturing / 15mm Northwest Frontier / 15mm British Indian Army

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  • 15NWB-01: Indian Infantry Command
  • 15NWB-02: Indian Infantry Skirmishing
  • 15NWB-03: Indian Infantry Advancing
  • 15NWB-04: Gurkha Rifles Comand
  • 15NWB-05: Gurkha Rifles Skirmishing
  • 15NWB-06: Ghurka Rifles - Chaarging with Kukris
  • 15NWB-07: Bengal Lancers
  • 15NWB-08: Guides Cavalry
  • 15NWB-09: Indian Mountain Gunners
  • 15NWB-11: Sikh Infantry Command
  • 15NWB-12: Sikh Infantry Skirmishing
  • 15NWB-13: Sikh Infantry Advancing
  • 15NWB-14: Highlanders Command 2nd Afghan War
  • 15NWB-15: Highlanders Skirmishing 2nd Afghan War
  • 15NWB-16: Highlanders Advancing 2nd Afghan War
  • 15NWB-17: Indian Army Casualties
  • 15NWB-18: Dismounted Indian Cavalry Skirmishing with Command
  • 15NWB-19: British High Command