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  • 15SCD-001: Fuzzie Wuzzies with Swords
  • 15SCD-002: Fuzzie Wuzzies with Spears
  • 15SCD-003: Fuzzie Wuzzies Command
  • 15SCD-004: Fuzzie Wuzzies skirmishing/swords
  • 15SCD-005: Jihadiaya, Skirmishing with Rifles
  • 15SCD-006: Ansar with Spears
  • 15SCD-007: Ansar with Swords
  • 15SCD-008: Ansar Command
  • 15SCD-009: Cavalry Charging
  • 15SCD-010: Camelmen Charging
  • 15SCD-011: Fuzzie-Wuzzie casualties
  • 15SCD-012: Ansar Casualties
  • 15SCD-013: Ansar Artillery Crews
  • 15SCD-014: Mounted Emirs and Chieftains in armour
  • 15SCD-015: Fuzzy Wuzzy on Camels