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  • 15FFT-100: Legionnaire Command
  • 15FFT-101: Legionnaire March Attack
  • 15FFT-102: Legionnaires Advancing
  • 15FFT-103: Legionnaire March Skirmishing
  • 15FFT-104: Legion Machine Guns
  • 15FFT-105: Legion Casualties
  • 15FFT-106: Legionnaire Command in Greatcopats
  • 15FFT-107: Legionnaire Marcing in Greatcoat
  • 15FFT-108: Legionnaire Advancing in Greatcoat
  • 15FFT-109: Legionnaire Skirmishing in Greatcoats
  • 15FFT-110: Legion MGs Greatcoat crew
  • 15FFT-111: Legion Casualties in Greatcoat
  • 15FFT-112: Legion Supply Mules
  • 15FFT-113: Mounted Chasseurs D' Afrique
  • 15FFT-114: Legionnaire Artillery Crew with 75mm Gun (1 gun, 4 crew)
  • 15FFT-115: Mounted Legionnaires
  • 15FFT-200: Arabs Attacking with swords
  • 15FFT-201: Arabs Attacking with Spears
  • 15FFT-202: Arabs Attacking with Rifles
  • 15FFT-203: Mounted Arabs with Swords
  • 15FFT-204: Mounted Arabs with Spears
  • 15FFT-205: Mounted Arabs with Rifles
  • 15FFT-206: Camel Mounted Arabs
  • 15FFT-207: Arabs with Machine Guns
  • 15FFT-208: Arab Casualties and Prisioners
  • 15FFT-300: Fort Zindernoof