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  • 15CE-01: Flat Bed Grain Wagon
  • 15CE-02: Flat Bed Supply Wagon
  • 15CE-03: Wicker Side Supply Wagon
  • 15CE-04: Flat Bed Engineers Wagon
  • 15CE-05: Water Supply Wagon
  • 15CE-06: Wooden Supply Wagon
  • 15CE-15: Water Cart
  • 15CE-16: Tumbril Cart - rail sides
  • 15CE-17: Tunbril Cart - wooden sides, open back
  • 15CE-18: Tumbril Cart - wooden sides and back
  • 15CE-19: Tumbril Cart - wicker sides, open back
  • 15CE-20: Tunbril Cart - wicker sides, closed back
  • 15CE-21: Tumbril Cart - rail sides and loads
  • 15CE-22: Cart with Cover
  • 15CE-30: Generic Wagon Horses