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  • 15HOR-101: Werewolves
  • 15HOR-102: Vampires
  • 15HOR-103: The Children of the Night
  • 15HOR-104: Slayers
  • 15HOR-105: Zombies
  • 15HOR-106: Mummies, Archeologists, Explorers and diggers
  • 15HOR-107: Egyptian Villagers
  • 15HOR-108: Tuaregs - Dismounted
  • 15HOR-109: Tuaregs - Mounted
  • 15HOR-110: Dr.Frankenstein and his laboratory, Monster and Igor
  • 15HOR-111: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and his laboratory
  • 15HOR-112: Angry Villagers
  • 15HOR-113: Headless Horseman, Sleepy Hollow Townfolk, Ichabod Crane
  • 15HOR-114: Jack the Ripper, Victims, Bobbies and Detectives
  • 15HOR-115: London Townfolk
  • 15HOR-116: Old Hags, Witches
  • 15HOR-117: Holy Priests and Nuns
  • 15HOR-118: Pumpkin Headed Creatures Mounted and Dismounted