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  • 15MBG-101: Light Guns on Galloper carriage
  • 15MBG-102: Light Guns
  • 15MBG-103: Medium Guns
  • 15MBG-104: Heavy Guns
  • 15MBG-105: Mortars
  • 15MBN-101: Infantry Command
  • 15MBN-102: Infantry Tricon Marching
  • 15MBN-103: Grenadiers Fur cap
  • 15MBN-104: Grenadiers Miter Cap
  • 15MBN-105: Cuirassiers Tricorn Command
  • 15MBN-106: Cuirassiers Tricorn Troopers
  • 15MBN-107: Cuirassiers Helmet Command
  • 15MBN-108: Cuirrassiers Helmet Troopers
  • 15MBN-109: Dragoons/Horse/no armour Tricorn Command
  • 15MBN-110: Dragoons/Horse/no armour Tricorn Troopers
  • 15MBN-111: Artillery Crews
  • 15MBN-112: Generals
  • 15MBN-113: Dragoons in Bonnet Command
  • 15MBN-114: Dragoons Bonnet
  • 15MBN-115: Hussars with Command
  • 15MBN-116: Limbers and Teams
  • 15MBN-117: French Infantry, Tricorn/belly box
  • 15MBN-118: French Grenadiers, Tricorn/belly box, Laced coats
  • 15MBN-119: French Dismounted Dragoons in Bonnets with command
  • 15MBN-120: Cavalry - Breastplate under coat, Tricorn
  • 15MBN-121: Infantry Open Coat Tricorn, Marching
  • 15MBN-122: Grenadiers Open Coat, Metal Front Cap