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  • 15AMX-201: Mexican Line Infantry Command
  • 15AMX-202: Mexican Line Infantry Marching
  • 15AMX-203: Mexican Line Infantry Advancing
  • 15AMX-204: Mexican Infantry in Levitas with Command
  • 15AMX-205: Mexican Light Infantry with Command
  • 15AMX-206: Mexican Grenadier Guards of the Supreme Power w/ Cmd
  • 15AMX-207: Mexican Artillery in Levitas
  • 15AMX-208: Mexican Line Cavalry Command
  • 15AMX-209: Mexican Line Cavalry with Sabers
  • 15AMX-210: Line Cavalry with Lances
  • 15AMX-211: 1st Line Cavalry with Sabeer and Command
  • 15AMX-212: 1st Line Cavalry with Lances and Command
  • 15AMX-213: Mexican Light Cavalry with Command
  • 15AMX-214: Mexican Tulancingo Cuirassiers with Command
  • 15AMX-215: Mexican Jalisco Lancers with Command
  • 15AMX-216: Mexican Hussar Guards with Command
  • 15AMX-217: Mexican Presidials
  • 15AMX-218: Mexican Irregular Lancers
  • 15AMX-219: Mexican Mounted Officers