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  • 15NRT-200: Musketeer Command
  • 15NRT-201: Musketeer March Attack
  • 15NRT-204: Grenadier Command
  • 15NRT-205: Grenadier March Attack
  • 15NRT-208: Musketeers in Greatcoat Command
  • 15NRT-209: Musketeers in Greatcoat March Attack
  • 15NRT-212: Grenadier in Greatcoat Command
  • 15NRT-213: Grenadier in Greatcoat March Attack
  • 15NRT-216: Pavlovski Grenadiers with Command
  • 15NRT-217: Pavlovski Grenadiers in Greatcoat with Command
  • 15NRT-218: Foot Artillery Crew
  • 15NRT-219: Russian Horse Artillery Crew
  • 15NRT-220: Cossack Artillery Crew