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  • 15NST-100: Spanish Infantry Command
  • 15NST-101: Spanish Fusiliers
  • 15NST-102: Spanish Grenadiers
  • 15NST-103: Spanish Light Infantry Command
  • 15NST-104: Spanish Light Infantry
  • 15NST-105: Spanish Light Infantry in Tarletons with Command
  • 15NST-106: Spanish Militia with Command
  • 15NST-107: Spanish Guerrillas
  • 15NST-108: Spanish Foot Artillery
  • 15NST-109: Spanish Horse Artillery
  • 15NST-110: Spanish Line Cavalry Command
  • 15NST-111: Spanish Line Cavalry
  • 15NST-112: Spanish Dragoon Command
  • 15NST-113: Spanish Dragoons
  • 15NST-114: Spanish Cazadores Command
  • 15NST-115: Spanish Cazadores
  • 15NST-116: Spanish Hussars with Command