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  • 15XWA-01: Austrian/German Musketeer Command
  • 15XWA-02: German Musketeer March attack
  • 15XWA-03: German Musketeer Firing Line
  • 15XWA-04: German Grenadier Command
  • 15XWA-05: German Grenadier March Attack
  • 15XWA-06: German Grenadier Firing Line
  • 15XWA-07: Hungarian Musketeer Command
  • 15XWA-08: Hungarian Musketeer March attack
  • 15XWA-09: Hungarian Musketeer Firing Line
  • 15XWA-10: Hungarian Grenadier Command
  • 15XWA-11: Hungarian Grenadier March attack
  • 15XWA-12: Hungarian Grenadier Firing Line
  • 15XWA-13: Grenz Command
  • 15XWA-14: Grenz Infantry Skirmishing
  • 15XWA-15: Dragoon Command
  • 15XWA-16: Dragoon Troopers
  • 15XWA-17: Cuirassier Command
  • 15XWA-18: Cuirassier Troopers
  • 15XWA-19: Austrian Hussar Command
  • 15XWA-20: Austrian Hussar Troopers
  • 15XWA-21: Austrian Artillery Crew
  • 15XWA-22: Generals and Personalities
  • 15XWA-23: Austrian 3 Pound Guns
  • 15XWA-24: Austrian 6 Pound Guns
  • 15XWA-25: Austrian 12 Pound Guns
  • 15XWA-26: Austrian Howitzer
  • 15XWA-27: Austrian Grenz Marching