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  • 15LBH-101: Mounted Plains warriors
  • 15LBH-102: Mounted Chieftains
  • 15LBH-103: Dismounted Plains Warriors
  • 15LBH-104: Plains Warrior Casualties
  • 15LBH-105: Indian Villagers
  • 15LBH-106: Mounted US Cavalry with Command
  • 15LBH-107: Dismounted US Cavalry with Command
  • 15LBH-108: US Cavalry Casualties
  • 15LBH-109: Last Stand Vignette
  • 15LBH-110: Little Big Horn Personalities
  • 15LBH-111: Indian Tepees
  • 15LBH-112: US Cavalry Charging with Sabres
  • 15LBH-113: US Infantry
  • 15LBH-114: Mounted Apaches
  • 15LBH-115: Dismounted Apaches