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  • 15ZCB-01: British Infantry Command
  • 15ZCB-02: British Infantry Firing Line
  • 15ZCB-03: British Infantry Attackking
  • New Product15ZCB-06: Lancers with Command
  • New Product15ZCB-07: Dragoons with Command
  • New Product15ZCB-10: Natal Mounted Police
  • New Product15ZCB-11: Natal Mounted Police Dismounted Skirmishing
  • New Product15ZCB-13: Basut Native Horse
  • 15ZCG-04: Water cart
  • 15ZCG-05: Supply Wagon
  • 15ZCZ-01: Married Zulus Attacking
  • 15ZCZ-02: Unmarried Zulus Charging
  • 15ZCZ-04: Zulu Leaders/ Zulus in Full Regalia