28mm Rennaissance

28mm Rennaissance / 28mm Eastern Renaissance / 28mm 15-17c Persians

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  • RPX-001: Armoured Cavalry, Bow, Lance. Armoured Horses
  • RPX-002: Armoured Cavalry. Bow, Lance. Unarmoured Horses
  • RPX-003: Light Cavalry Horse Archers
  • RPX-004: Light Cavalry Bow and Spear
  • RPX-005: 'Tufangchis' infantry with muskets, inc command
  • RPX-006: 'Topchis' Artillery Crews
  • RPX-007: 'Zembuk' Camel Gunners Contains 6 Camels and Guns
  • RPX-008: High Command - Cantains 6 Different Mounted Figures