28mm Colonial

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  • ASB-006: British inf. centre coys,marching, covered Albert shako
  • ASB-007: British inf. covered Albert shako, Flank coys marching.
  • ASB-008: British inf covered Albert Shako Command
  • ASB-009: British inf. centre coys.shell jacket/forage cap advancing.
  • ASB-010: British inf. shell jacket/forage cap, flank coys advancing.
  • ASB-011: British inf. Shell Jacket/forage cap Command
  • ASB-012: British inf . shell jacket/forage cap skirmishing.
  • ASB-013: 60th Rifles Skirmishing inc. command.
  • ASB-014: British Light Dragoons charging.
  • ASB-015: British Lancers charging.
  • ASB-016: Sepoys centre coys, shako, marching.
  • ASB-017: Sepoys, shako, flank coys marching.
  • ASB-018: Sepoys, shako Command.(F)
  • ASB-019: Sepoys centre coys,forage cap, advancing.
  • ASB-020: Sepoys, forage cap flank coys advancing.
  • ASB-021: Sepoys,forage cap Command.(F)
  • ASB-022: Bengal light cavalry Charging inc Comm.
  • ASB-023: Skinners Horse with Comm.
  • ASB-024: Bengal Irregular Cavalry with Comm.
  • ASB-025: Bengal Horse Artillery crews.
  • ASB-026: Bengal or Bombay Foot Artillery crews.(F)
  • ASB-027: Gun lascar corps(Native artillery crews) (F).
  • ASB-028: Casualties. (A)
  • ASB-029: British High Command.(E)
  • ASB-030: Bengal Horse Artillery Limbers (2 limbers, 8 crew)