28mm Colonial

28mm Colonial / 28mm Sikh Wars / 28mm Sikhs And Afghans

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  • ASW-006: Sikh Regular infantry advancing.
  • ASW-007: Sikh Regular infantry march-attack.
  • ASW-008: Sikh infantry command
  • ASW-009: Sikh Regular Cuirassiers.
  • ASW-010: Sikh Regular Dragoons.
  • ASW-011: Akali Fanatic Infantry Charging
  • ASW-012: Akali cavalry.
  • ASW-013: Sikh Corachara Cavalry
  • ASW-014: Horse Artillery crews.(F).
  • ASW-015: Foot Artillery crews.(F).
  • ASW-016: Sikh Ghurka Infantry Skirmishing
  • ASW-017: Sikh irregular infantry skirmishing.
  • ASW-018: Sikh High Command.
  • ASW-020: Casualties.(A)
  • ASW-021: Sikh Regular Lancers