Sash & Saber 40mm

Sash & Saber 40mm / 40mm Napoleonics / 40mm Retreat From Moscow

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  • 40RFM-01: Frigid French Skirmishing
  • 40RFM-02: Frigid French Rout Step-Walking Wounded
  • 40RFM-03: Russian Musketeers Skirmishing in Greatcoat
  • 40RFM-04: Mounted Cossacks
  • 40RFM-05: Russian Peasants with Assortedd Weapons
  • 40RFM-101: Lying Dead - Wounded French
  • 40RFM-201: French Mounted Officer and Sapper
  • 40RFM-301: French Artillerists Manhandling Gun
  • 40RFM-302: Russian Artillerists in Greatcoats
  • 40RFME-01: Cart with Wounded French
  • 40RFMX-01: Wolfpack