Sash & Saber 40mm

Sash & Saber 40mm / 40mm War of 1812 / 40mm War of 1812

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  • 40AMW-01: US Infantry in Laced Coatee
  • 40AMW-02: US Infantry in Plain Coatee
  • 40AMW-03: Us Infantry in Fatigue Jacket
  • New Product40AMW-04: Militia in Civilian Dress
  • 40AMW-06: US Light Dragoons
  • 40AMW-08: Canadian Voltigeurs
  • 40AMW-09: Glengary Light Infantry Skirmishing with Command
  • 40AMW-101: US Rifle Regiment in Summer Dress Skirmishing
  • 40AMW-11: British Marines and Command
  • 40AMW-201: US Infantry Command in Laced Coatee
  • 40AMW-202: US Infantry Command in Plain Coatee
  • 40AMW-203: US Infantry Command in Fatigue Jacket
  • 40AMW-204: US Rifle Regiment Command
  • 40AMW-207: American Mounted Officers
  • 40AMWH-01: Maryland Militia Heads