Sash & Saber 40mm

Sash & Saber 40mm / 40mm American Civil War / ACW Regular Packs

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  • 40ACW-101a: Rebel Infantry right shoulder shift.
  • 40ACW-101b: Rebel Infantry Right shoulder shift
  • 40ACW-102: Federal Infantry Right shoulder shift.
  • 40ACW-103: Rebel Infantry Advancing/charging-light equipment
  • 40ACW-104: Zouaves advancing/charging.
  • 40ACW-105: Iron Brigade right shoulder shift.
  • 40ACW-106: Rebel Infantry advancing/charging-blanket roll
  • 40ACW-107: Hoods Texans right shoulder shift.
  • 40ACW-108: Confederate Lying Dead
  • 40ACW-109: Union Lying Dead
  • 40ACW-110: Rebel Falling Wounded
  • 40ACW-111: Union Infantry Falling Wounded
  • 40ACW-112: Confederate Infantry Firing Line
  • 40ACW-113: Federal Firing Line
  • 40ACW-114: Federal Infantry Advancing
  • 40ACW-115: Confederate Infantry Skirmishing (5 different miniatures with separate heads)
  • 40ACW-116: Union Infantry Skirmishing (5 different miniatures with separate heads)
  • 40ACW-117: Dismounted Union Cavalry troopers skirmishing (With Seperate Heads)
  • 40ACW-118: Berdans Sharpshooters skirmishing
  • 40ACW-119: Dismounted Confederate Cavalry
  • 40ACW-120: Dismounted Federal Cavalry Skirmishing - Spencer Carbines