15mm Blue Moon Manufacturing

15mm Blue Moon Manufacturing / Mexican Revolution / American Intervention

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  • 15UIM-13: U.S. Mounted Cavalry with Command
  • 15UIM-14: U.S. Dismounted Cavalry with Command
  • 15UIM-15: U.S. Infantry with Command
  • 15UIM-16: U.S. Machine Guns and Crew (9 figures)
  • 15UIM-17: U.S. Artillery with Crew (1 gun, 4 crew)
  • 15UIM-18: Bluejacket Infantry with Command
  • 15UIM-19: U.S. Marines with Command
  • 15UIM-20 : U.S. Personalities
  • 15UIM-21: U.S. Texas Rangers Mounted
  • 15UIM-22: U.S. Texas Rangers Dismounted
  • 15UIM-23: Angry U.S. Citizens