28mm Colonial

28mm Colonial / The Zulu War / British

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  • CZB-001: Infantry Command
  • CZB-002: Infantry Firing Line
  • CZB-004: Infantry Defending
  • CZB-005: Infantry Marching Full Equipment
  • CZB-006: Artillery Crews (20figs)
  • CZB-007: Lancers incl. Command
  • CZB-008: Dragoons incl. Command
  • CZB-009: Natal Mounted Police, Mounted
  • CZB-010: Natal Mtd. Police, Skirmishing on foot
  • CZB-011: Natal Native Contingent
  • CZB-012: Busoto Native Horse
  • CZB-013: Naval Brigade
  • CZB-015: Dead British (15figs) [A]
  • CZB-016: Wounded British (15figs) [A]
  • CZB-03a: Infantry Advancing Light Equipment
  • CZB-03b: Infantry Advancing Full Equipment
  • CZG-001: 7lb Guns [G]
  • CZG-002: Gatling Guns (2 guns - 4 crew)
  • HLG-02: Ox Drawn British Colonial Wagon