28mm Colonial

28mm Colonial / The North West Frontier / British

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  • CNB-001: Indian Infantry Command
  • CNB-002: Indian Infantry Skirmishing
  • CNB-003: Indian Infantry Advancing
  • CNB-004: Gurkhas
  • CNB-005: Bengal Lancers
  • CNB-006: Guides Cavalry
  • CNB-007: Indian Mountain Gunners
  • CNB-008: Indian Mountain Gunners Plus Mules on March
  • CNB-009: Dead Indian Troops
  • CNB-010: Wounded Indian Troops
  • CNB-011: Dismounted Indian Cavalry Skirmishing Comm.
  • CNB-012: Sikh Infantry Advancing
  • CNG-001: 7lb Mountain Guns
  • CNG-002: 2.5 inch RML Screw Gun