Sash & Saber 40mm

Sash & Saber 40mm / 40mm Napoleonics / Command Packs

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  • 40NAP-201: British Infantry Command
  • 40nap-202: Austrian German Infantry Command (includes Helmet ,Shako
  • 40nap-203: Russian Infantry Command.
  • 40nap-204: Prussian Infantry Command.
  • 40NAP-205: French Infantry Campaign Dress Command.
  • 40NAP-206: French Imperial Guard Grenadiers Command.
  • 40NAP-207: British Highlanders Command. Pack contains Officer, NCO, Piper and 2 ensigns.
  • 40NAP-208: French Hussar Command. Charging (Superb Pack with Seperate Heads And Arms-Modelling Skill Required
  • 40NAP-209: British Rifles Command (1 Officer, 2 NCO's, ans 2 Buglers)
  • 40NAP-210: Mounted French Infantry Colonels (2 different figures)
  • 40NAP-211: British Light Dragoon Command, Tarleton Helmet (3 mounted miniatures in kit form)
  • 40NAP-212: Mounted Prussian infantry Colonels (2 different figures)
  • 40NAP-213: British Mounted Colonels (2 different figures)
  • 40NAP-214: Austrian Mounted Colonels
  • 40NAP-215: Russian Mounted Colonels
  • 40NAP-222: French Cuirassier Command
  • 40NAP-223: French Grenadier a Cheval of the Guard Command
  • 40NAP-224: French Line Chasseurs a Cheval Command
  • 40NAP-225: Austrian Chevauxleger / Dragoon Command
  • 40NAP-229: Prussian Dragoon Command
  • 40NAP-230: British Heavy Dragoon Command
  • 40NAP-231: Russian Hussar Command
  • 40NAP-232: Austrian Cuirassier Command
  • 40NAP-234: Polish Infantry Command
  • 40NAP-236: Austrian Jaeger Officer and Hornist
  • 40NAP-237: Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard Command
  • 40NAP-238: French Dragoon Command