28mm Medieval

28mm Medieval / Crusaders / Crusaders

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  • DAC-001: 12th C Mounted Knights
  • DAC-002: Knight Templars in Surcoat, mounted
  • DAC-003: Knight Hospitallers in robes
  • DAC-004: Mounted Turcopoles
  • DAC-005: Armoured Crossbowmen
  • DAC-006: Armoured Infantry
  • DAC-007: Crusader Mounted Command
  • DAC-008: Monks and Pilgrims
  • DAC-009: Dismounted Knights
  • DAC-010: Turcoman Horse Archers
  • DAC-011: Ghulam Heavy Cavalry with bow
  • DAC-012: Arab Armoured Cavalry
  • DAC-013: Bedouin Light Cavalry
  • DAC-014: Sudanese Archers
  • DAC-015: Sudanese Spearmen
  • DAC-016: Muslim Infantry Militia
  • DAC-017: Muslim Infantry Archers
  • DAC-018: Muslim Mounted Command
  • DAC-019: Knights barded Horses and Lances (open handed for wire lance)
  • DAC-020: Knights with Barded Horses and Axes
  • DAC-021: Knights with Barded Horses and Swords
  • DAC-022: Knights with Barded Horses and Mace / Morning Star
  • DAC-023: Dismounted Knights (for DAC 19-22)