Sash & Saber 40mm

Sash & Saber 40mm / 40mm French and Indian War / French and Indian War

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  • 40FIW-001: Woodland Indians Skirmishing with Muskets
  • 40FIW-002: Woodland Indians with Clubs and Tomahawks
  • 40FIW-003: Frontier Malitia Skirmishing
  • 40FIW-004: British Regular Infantry Marching
  • 40FIW-005: French Regular Infantry Marching
  • 40FIW-006: Coureur de Bois (20 figure Pack)
  • 40FIW-007: Colonial Rangers
  • 40FIW-008: British Light Infantry Skirmishing
  • 40FIW-009: Civilians (Men women and children with agricultural tools)
  • 40FIW-010: Companies Franches de la Marine
  • 40FIW-011: Highlanders Marching (full plaid)
  • 40FIW-012: Highlanders Skirmishing
  • 40FIW-101: British Grenadiers Marching (5 figure pack)
  • 40FIW-102: Indians with Bows
  • 40FIW-201: Indian Leaders
  • 40FIW-202: British Infantry Command
  • 40FIW-203: French Regular Infantry Command
  • New Product40FIW-204: Highland Command in Plaid
  • 40FIW-301: Wagon Driver (single figure)
  • 40FIWE-01: Connestoga Wagon with 4 Ox Team