28mm Rennaissance

28mm Rennaissance / 28mm Eastern Renaissance / Hungarians, Croats & Imperialists (ER)

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  • ERA-034: Hungarian Gendarmes 16th-C
  • ERA-035: Hungarian Hussars
  • ERA-036: Hungarian Lt. Horse Archers 16th-C
  • ERA-037: Croatian Hussars/Lances 16th-C
  • ERA-038: Armoured Hussars/Lance
  • ERA-039: Dalmatian
  • ERA-040: Grenz Infantry with Muskets 17th-C
  • ERA-041: Imperialist Croat Cavalry
  • ERA-042: Imperialist Harquebusir Cavalry 17th-C
  • ERA-043: Imp.Cuirassiers
  • ERA-044: Imperialist Heavy Lancers 17th-C