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  • 15IMB-01: British Infantry Command
  • 15IMB-02: British Advancing Smock Frock with Visor
  • 15IMB-03: British Advancing Smock Frock without Visor
  • 15IMB-04: British Infantry Shell Jacket with Visor
  • 15IMB-05: British Infantry Shell Jacket without Visor
  • 15IMB-06: Artillery Crew
  • 15IMB-07: Highlanders Advancing with Command
  • 15IMB-08: Mounted Lancers with Command
  • 15IMB-09: Sikh Cavalry with Command
  • 15IMB-10: Sikh Infantry Advancing with Command
  • 15IMB-11: Ghurkas Charging with Command
  • 15IMB-12: Loyal Sepoys
  • 15IMB-13: British Hussars with Command
  • 15IMB-14: Personalities
  • 15IMB-15: Dead and Falling Wounded