28mm Rennaissance

28mm Rennaissance / 28mm Eastern Renaissance / Ottoman Turks (ER)

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  • OXT-001: Armoured Spahi Cavalry 15th-C
  • OXT-002: Unarmoured Spahi Cavalry 15th-C
  • OXT-003: Ottoman Infantry Archers
  • OXT-004: Ottoman Infantry Spearmen
  • OXT-005: Ottoman Handgunners
  • OXT-006: Ottoman Armoured Infantry
  • OXT-007: Janissary Archers with Command
  • OXT-008: Janissary Musketeers with Command
  • OXT-009: Janissaries Charging with Swords
  • OXT-010: Armoured Spahi Cavalry 16th C
  • OXT-011: Armoured Spahis/ Armoured Horses
  • OXT-012: Akinji Light Cavalry
  • OXT-013: Balkan Light Cavalry
  • OXT-014: Tartar Light Cavalry
  • OXT-015: Arab Light Cavalry
  • OXT-016: Wallachian Cavalry
  • OXT-017: Dellis Cavalry
  • OXT-018: Ilayar Fanatics charging with Swords
  • OXT-019: Irregular Arquebusiers skirmishing
  • OXT-020: North African Marines with Crossbow
  • OXT-021: Tufencki Musketeers Skirmishing 17th-C
  • OXT-022: Ottoman Artillery Crews [F]
  • OXT-023: Ottoman High Command
  • OXT-024: Armoured Spahis with Pistols 17th/18th-C.