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  • PC-001: Ragged Jack - The Pumpkin Headed Rider
  • PC-002: Mesmerist, Arnim Von Drake, Gypsy Knife Fighter and Chin the Sherpa
  • PC-003: Egyptian Agents
  • PC-004: Russian Agents
  • PC-005: German Agents
  • PC-006: Japanese Agents
  • PC-007: American Agents
  • PC-008: British Agents
  • PC-009: Captain Josiah and His Crew
  • PC-010: Captain Josiah and his Crew with Firearms
  • PC-011: Damsels In Distress
  • PC-012: Hollywood Nights
  • PC-013: School Days
  • PC-014: Grave Robbers
  • PC-015: Lord of His Manor and Servants