Sash & Saber 40mm

Sash & Saber 40mm / 40mm Napoleonics / Regular Packs

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  • 40NAP-101: French Elites - Full Dress Marching
  • 40NAP-102: French Elite Company Marching in Campaign Dress. (Includes bearskin and shako heads)
  • 40NAP-103: British Infantry Flank Companies Stovepipe shako, march attack..
  • 40NAP-104: British Highlanders Flank Companies.March Attack (Seperate Heads)
  • 40NAP-105: French Voltigeurs in Campaign Dress Skirmishing
  • 40NAP-106: British Rifles Skirmishing (5 different figures)
  • 40NAP-107: French Chasseur A Cheval Elite Company
  • 40NAP-108: French Infantry Casualties in habit
  • 40NAP-109: British Infantry Casualties in stovepipe shako
  • 40NAP-110: French Elites in Greatcoats
  • 40NAP-111: British Centre Coy. kneeling at ready - Stovepipe Shako
  • 40NAP-112: Polish Grenadiers in Bearskin, March Attack
  • 40NAP-113: Austrian Jaegers Skrimishing