Sash & Saber 40mm

Sash & Saber 40mm / 40mm American War of Independance / Regular Packs

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  • 40AWI-101: Continental Infantry Advancing Shoulder Arms
  • 40AWI-102: Continental Infantry Advancing, Shoulder Arms, Hunting Shirt
  • 40AWI-103: British Infantry Marching, shoulder arms. (1768 warrant)
  • 40AWI-104: British Grenadiers Marching shoulder arms (1768 warrant)
  • 40AWI-105: American Riflemen Skirmishing
  • 40AWI-106: British Light Infantry Marching (1768warrant)(5 figures with separate heads)
  • 40AWI-107: British Light Infantry Skirmishing (1768 Warrant)
  • 40AWI-108: Minutemen Skirmishing
  • 40AWI-109: American Melitia Marching
  • 40AWI-110: British Highlanders Advancing, shoulder arms (gaitered trousers)
  • 40AWI-111: Hessian Jaegers Skirmishing
  • 40AWI-112: British Infantry in Round Jackets and Hats Skirmishing
  • 40AWI-113: British Infantry in Roundabouts Marching