28mm Colonial

28mm Colonial / Sons of the Desert / Sons of the Desert

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  • SOD-001: Foreign Legion Command [A]
  • SOD-002: Foreign Legion Marching with full packs
  • SOD-003: Foreign Legion Advancing
  • SOD-004: Foreign Legion Skirmishing
  • SOD-005: Dismounted Arabs Attacking with Swords
  • SOD-006: Dismounted Arabs Attacking with Spears
  • SOD-007: Dismounted Arabs Attacking with Rifles
  • SOD-008: Mounted Arab Cavalry Command
  • SOD-009: Mounted Arab Cavalry with Swords
  • SOD-010: Mounted Arab Cavalry with Spears
  • SOD-011: Mounted Arab Cavalry with Rifles
  • SOD-012: Arabs on Camels
  • SOD-013: Foreign Legion Mounted Mule Company (7 mules-7 riders-7 leaders)
  • SOD-014: Mounted Chasseurs d'Afrique
  • SOD-015: Foreign Legion Dead
  • SOD-016: Arab dead and wounded
  • SOD-017: Foreign Legion Machine Guns and Crews (4 guns-16 gunners)
  • SOD-018: Arabs with captured Machine Guns (4 guns-16 gunners)