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  • 15CER-200: Arab Armored Cavalry Command
  • 15CER-201: Arab Armored Cavalry
  • 15CER-202: Ghulam Heavy Cavalry Command
  • 15CER-203: Ghulam Heavy Cavalry
  • 15CER-204: Bedouin Cavalry Command
  • 15CER-205: Bedouin Cavalry
  • 15CER-206: Turcomen Horse Archers
  • 15CER-207: Sudanese Spearmen
  • 15CER-208: Sudanese Archers
  • 15CER-209: Muslim Infantry Command (3 Standardbearers, 3 Musicians, 3 Officers)
  • 15CER-210: Muslim Infantry Spearmen Advancing
  • 15CER-211: Muslim Infantry Bowmen
  • 15CER-212: Muslim Mounted Personalities
  • 15CER-213: Ghulam Heavy Cavalry Archers
  • 15CER-214: Fatimid Egyptian Spearmen
  • 15CER-215: Sudanese Guard Spearmen
  • 15CER-216: Bundukdari Crossbowmen
  • 15CER-217: Tabardari Guard Axemen
  • 15CER-218: Mamluk Askari Cavalry on Armored Horses
  • 15CER-219: Mamluk Askari in Robes Unarmored Horses
  • 15CER-220: Mamluk Askari Cavalry Command
  • 15CER-221: Siege Engineers