28mm Dark Ages

28mm Dark Ages / Somerled / The Viking Slayer

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  • SVS-001: Norsemen Attacking with Axes
  • SVS-002: Norsemen Attacking with Spears
  • SVS-003: Norsemen Command
  • SVS-004: Mounted Norse Raiders
  • SVS-005: 9th-C Irish Warriors with Axes and Command
  • SVS-006: 9th-C Scots with Spears and Command
  • SVS-007: 9th-C Scots with Axes and Command
  • SVS-008: 9th-C Pictish/ Scottish Armoured Noble Cavalry
  • SVS-009: Scots High Command
  • SVS-010: The Slain Casualty Pack
  • SVS-011: Somerled The Slayer-Viking King Vignettes
  • SVS-012: The Long Serpent (Viking Ship 20 Crew)