40mm Romanoff Miniatures

40mm Romanoff Miniatures / Thirty Years War/English Civil War / Thirty Years War/English Civil War

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  • 40RTW-01: Armoured Pikemen
  • 40RTW-02: Armoured Pikemen, marching
  • 40RTW-03: Infantry Command - parts for Officers, Standard Bearers, Sergeants and Drummer
  • 40RTW-04: Musketers, firing and loading - felt hat
  • 40RTW-04a: Musketeers, firing, loading -
  • 40RTW-05: Musketeers, marching hand on hip - felt hat
  • 40RTW-05a: Musketeers, marching hand on hip -
  • 40RTW-06: Musketeers marching with rest - Felt Hat
  • 40RTW-06a: Musketeers, marching with rest -
  • 40RTW-07: Musketeers, standing shoulder musket - Felt Hat
  • 40RTW-07a: Musketeers, standing shoulder musket -
  • 40RTW-08: Infantry Command Pack 2 (Officer in Armour, Sergeant of Pikes, Drummer Playing Drum, 2 Standard Bear
  • 40RTW-09: Armoured Pikeman, Standing
  • 40RTW-10: Armoured Pikeman, marching
  • 40RTW-14: Musketeers Skirmishing - Hats
  • 40RTW-14a: Musketeers Skirmishing - Monmouth Caps
  • 40RTW-15: Mounted Officers
  • 40RTW-16: Cuirassier Troopers
  • 40RTW-17: Harquebusier Troopers with Carbines
  • 40RTW-18: Charging Cavalry - sword and pistols
  • 40RTW-19: Mounted Trumpeter and Kettle drummer
  • 40RTW-20: Artillery Crew
  • 40RTW-21: Artillery Piece
  • 40RTW-22: Cuirassier Officer and Cornet
  • 40RTW-23: Musketeers, marching. French style dess
  • 40RTW-24: Musketeers, marching. Tabbed doublet.
  • 40RTW-25: Musketeers Swedish style long coat