What's in a pack of....?

One of the questions you would have thought wouldn’t get asked after over 23 years as one of THE major companies in this industry is "What do you get in one of your packs" to which the smart answers is "lots of great soldiers" However we realize that for those of you only used to "the high price- low variation" of many other companies a little more explanation may be in order.

To Start with No, repeat NO, OLD GLORY or SASH and SABER OG 2nd Edition Blue Moon 15mm or Command Decision figure pack should ever be composed entirely of identical figures. ALL the packs will contain "variations on a theme" e.g. if the pack description says advancing then all the figures will be in that basic pose BUT they will NOT be identical. Normally you should expect 3 to 5 body variants in a pack, sometimes more, especially with irregular troops. In addition to this many packs have cast on head variants giving even more variety. As a General rule Regular troops will have fewer variants than say Gallic warriors -of which we may have as many as 300 different figures-more if you factor in the weapon variants available in some packs.

This does NOT mean that every standard infantry bag of 30 figures will contain 30 different figures but it is not impossible for a bag to contain a large number of variants. The variants within a code are packed at RANDOM so it is NOT POSSIBLE to specify particular variants.

As for cavalry the same rules apply, there will probably be fewer variants in a cavalry pack but there will be horse variants so it will be possible to get 10 different cavalry in a pack. SASH and SABER regular cavalry packs contain 4 different figures.

To give you some idea of the numbers of variants look at the photographs. The notion of variations on a theme runs through all our figure packs. To give you some idea I’ll tell you of some of the numbers of variants from figures in my own collection.

1. There are at least 60 different woodland Indians in our French and Indian war range. I had this many in my war parties and I know I didn’t have all of them because I’ve never painted any of pack FIW28.

2. I have a unit of French Gendarmes PIL9–All different, If I’d wanted to I could have made more variation by giving some of the figures hand weapons instead of Lances.

3. I have an 18 fig unit of HAW1 ALL different.

That should answer your questions about variants, however regarding specific packs sometimes we just don’t know. All we can say is that we think we have over 55,000 28mm different figures in our ranges. NOT counting SASH and SABER or Bluemoon and that, as they say, is one hell of a lot of soldiers.

Artillery pieces tend to be in 2s but the ACW and some 7YW are in 6s . Sash and Saber gun models are always in 2s if 28mm single models if 40mm. Command figures are sometime in smaller packs(either15 or 20 depending upon period) but there are a few 30 fig Foot Commands around the ECW for example but there are so many variants there I have even got them all in my own ECW armies.

Now as for some of the other figure lines we carry, the picture is often similar. Command Decision, both WW2 and Modern, usually have 5 different figure variants in the pack but may have more depending upon type, 5 is normal , however, in the packs of 50. In weapons packs- i.e. mortars or similar, any separate weapons are counted as part of the 50 piece contents. CD vehicles are usually packed in 3s (occasionally 2s for a few or the larger items such as Amtraks). Some smaller vehicles such as landrovers are in 4s and Jeeps in 6s . Field guns, depending upon size, are in 4s or 6s for smaller types. You can’t buy single vehicles from us.

In 10mm figures are packed in 100s for most infantry 30s for mounted cavalry and 50s for Gun crews skirmishers, and Infantry Commands. Cannon are most often in 12s. In most ranges close order infantry are in strips of 5 figures shoulder to shoulder all the rest are singles. There are a few exceptions such as the medieval range where all figure types are singles and the siege equipment range where pack contents varies a bit (you get 1 siege tower!!) 10mm Mounted Command packs tend to be 9(3 x3 fig Command Groups) or 10 figs for Generals and suchlike.

In 40mm we have 3 different ranges. Drabant of Moscow are mostly single figures but there are a few items packed in 4 figure sets which brings the price down a good bit. Sash and Saber have the largest 40mm range and these vary depending upon type. There are large packs of 20 figures- usually for “mainstream” stuff- Napoleonic French Line ,AWI Continentals ACW union Inf, Viking Huscarles etc. Commands are in 5s skirmishers and Flank companies likewise. Cavalry are mostly in 7s – with a 3 figure command group available separately this gives a nice 10 figure unit. Some Mounted officers and “characters” are 2 figure packs. Guns are single models.

Things like the model aircraft are packed singly Fireforce15 mm are usually in 12s- with 4 variants to a pack the 28mm Moderns usually 4 different figures to a pack.

The Blue Moon range of 15mm figures follows the structure of the Old Glory 28mm – “variations on a theme” again with irregular troops having more variants than the regulars in any given period. See the photos for the specific codes.

Well I think that’s it that should give you a decent idea of the basic pack structure. If you are not sure you can Contact me and I’ll help if I can.

Andy Copestake - Old Glory UK

16<sup>th</sup> Century French Gendarmes